Pena de Bernal, Magical Place in Mexico


Hello Wanderers! This weeks blog is about a magical place called Peña de Bernal (in English Bernal’s Boulder or Bernal Peak). It’s located in Queretaro, only a 3 hour drive from Mexico City. It’s a magical small town famously known for having the third largest monolith in the world!


We drove from mexico city and really enjoyed the scenery, it was easy to find the place since it had enough signs all our way from mexico city. You can also take a bus either form mexico city (3 hrs) or from Queretaro (45 min) if you don’t want to drive yourself.

IMG_5427 I highly recommend that before you head out to the boulder you get something to eat, its a loooong walk. You can find several small restaurants where you can get authentic quesadillas, barbecue, tamales and “cafe de la olla” a sweet typical Mexican coffee that you have to try!




They have a service that takes you around the town and to the boulder. Friendly staff, safe and at a good price. If you don’t feel like walking all that much but still want to enjoy the town this is a really good option.



The monolith was formed 100 million years ago during the Jurassic period, and it’s said to have been 3 times the current size. It was formed by the eruption of an ancient volcano, that disappeared with time; that’s what gives it that smooth rock look.



We decided to try to get to the top of the boulder and oh boy was that a hike!

Make sure to bring comfortable clothes and non skid shoes, preferably hiking shoes. As you go along there’s different areas for you to stop and enjoy the scenery or simply catch your breath.

Along the way there’s many signs that explain the history of the place, types of vegetation, scenery descriptions and even wildlife.

They do sell cold water and even beer along the way!


Our view half way up!





When you are almost at the top you can see a small chapel, people that do rappel, descents or rock climbing like to go and pray before, i found it very interesting since it has typical Mexican decorations and lovely colors. The boulder is a perfect rappel location and if you’ve read my other blogs you know that i’m a bit of a fan!


After we made it to the top we got to sit for a while and simply be, enjoying the privileged view. In reality the picture doesn’t fully reflect the view, believe me its breathtaking!

The hike took a while, we were going at a small pace. In my opinion it is pretty hard but definitely worth it! If you are interested in outdoor adventure try the rappel, they have clases given by certified instructors, you can find more information at the bottom of the article.


This adventurer had a wonderful time at Peña de Bernal, I hope that you are as motivated as can possibly be to go out there and enjoy natures beauties. GO PLACES!

This trip was really economic, fun, motivating and simply relaxing. I’m in love with Mexico, I always feel very safe so don’t let opinions get in your way. TRY IT OUT!

Until my next adventure my Friend! Thanks for being here XO!


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